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Replacing the cracked rubber seal inbetween the coping and pool deck is VERY important! If water is allowed to enter the crack, most times your pool shell will develop a horizontal crack right through the water ilne pool tile! VERY COSTLY TO REPAIR! Replace your Orange County Deck O Seal TODAY!

Orange County Pool Tile Cleaning has the equipment and knowledge to handle any size pool tile cleaning project. We also clean FOUNTAINS and HARDSCAPE. We service COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL, CITY, STATE PARKS AND SCHOOLS.

Deck O Seal

Pool Tile Cleaning

Orange County Pool Tile Cleaning is your locally licensed Orange County Pool Tile Cleaner. We specialize in cleaning calcium and scale from ALL pool tile, flagstone, brick, travertine, slate, natural and artificial stone. Our Pool Tile Cleaning equipment is unmatched ANY WHERE! We are the developers of the"Dry Mineral Blasting" process. The SAFEST AND THOROUGH pool tile cleaning process in the world! What does that mean? We DO NOT USE GLASS BEAD BLASTING to clean glazed or glass pool tile! We "DRY SODA BLAST" at very low pressure to clean scale very easily without causing damage to the soft finish of the pool tile. With our equipment, we are capable of handling ANY SIZE Orange County Pool Tile Cleaning project! 

Pool Acid Washing

Orange County Pool Tile Cleaning also specializes in Pool Acid Washing. An acid wash should be done every couple of years to remove stains, scale and brighten up plaster. Acid Washing can be done on pebble tec as well.